Epson Powerlite 730HD projector with ceiling mount, 106 screen, and cables. Have all receipts from BestBuy totaling a little over $870 new - selling for $550.
Great small business computer and is NOT your typical cheap flimsy home use laptop. HP model 6560b Laptop in excellent condition and the battery charges 100. Comes with charger, keyboard, mouse, and a 17 inch monitor. Laptop has 8 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard drive, and Windows 10 that is fully updated.
Alpine SWR-1042D Type-R 10 subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils.Box was built SPECIFICALLY for this subwoofer. Made of 1 wood. All parameters were used.
I have a new in box Kors smartwatch that connects to your smartphone to keep track of your steps.65$ OBO and 250 for the 50 in LG 4k smart TV
Used non-refurbished EVGA gtx 970 FTW never overclocked beyond the factories, or mined withThe computer temperatures it was in were well regulated never went over 70 CIve replaced it with different card, I just dont need anymore
I bought a Vizio SB3821-C6 sound bar with the blue tooth sub-woofer. Found out I really dont need the sub woofer for my listening life style. Selling the sub woofer only. Like new condition. Sell for $15 firm for this add on unit. Basically, one third of initial cost. Text or call . Thank you.
SPECIAL OFFERlights for clubs, bars, discotheque, nightclubLight Moving Head Beam 240W 10R1 unit at NOW $ 599 before 1190Super Pack10 units DMX controller in 5990We also have Led Led Matrix Moving Head Big Led ScreenI attach my catalog ivanFree delivery throughout FloridaNO SCAM CHECKS Do not insist that we will not give you the verification American Company
looking to get rid of has a few scratches and knicks but in good condition and works sanitized for next user.
Subwoofer and two speakers. Wired together and plugged into the wall. I dont have any technical specifications but they get the job done.
Klipsch central channel speaker. Estate item horizontal , 20 14 long, 6 34high, 6 12 deep. Would fit on bookcase, mantel, floor, etc. Light color blonde wood exterior with black mesh fabric covering 5 14 woofer speaker. In Tallahassee.Klipsch is top of the line in woofers. Check on line for prices from $370 on up.
Realistic Minimus 7 speaker system. 8 ohm input 40 watt max.These are smallish, bookcase or background sound speakers only 7 12high, 4 12 wide, and 4 12 deep.From home theater of estate and are black in color. Ebay has some like these at $65 plus shipping. Ours are right here in Tallahassee for only $25 for the pair
Yamaha speaker system 2 speakers wires from estate for $45. Easily will fit bookcase or mantle.This is a model NS-A528. 12 high, 8 34deep, and 8 18 wide. The are black in color with black mesh fabric covering the speakers.Ebay has them listed at $100 - $150 including shipping. Ours are here for you to see in Tallahassee, and only $45 for a Yamaha
Dyson Bladeless Air Multiplier Pedestal Fan AM08 model. Estate item. Like new standing fan adjustable height from 36 to 46, and silver in color. Top of the line Dyson, quiet, interesting bladeless design.Ebay and Amazon prices are from $299 to $499 plus shipping Ebay used to new. Estate asking $125 here in Tallahassee